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Perfect Being Theology, Theistic Personalism, and the Eclipse of the Apophatic

Readers of this blog will by now be well-acquainated with the term “theistic personalism.” It was coined by Brian Davies to describe what he believes to be a problematic understanding of divinity, commonly advanced by analytic philosophers. He specifically names … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart on Theistic Personalism

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“Not for nothing does the Power of God suffer fatigue”

“Wearied by his journey, Jesus sat down beside a well. It was about the sixth hour.” Already divine mysteries begin. Not for nothing is Jesus wearied; not for nothing does the Power of God suffer fatigue. Not for nothing does … Continue reading

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Meditating Four Quartets: The Dry Salvages (V)

To communicate with Mars, converse with spirits, / To report the behaviour of the sea monster, / Describe the horoscope, haruspicate or scry, / Observe disease in signatures, evoke / Biography from the wrinkles of the palm / And tragedy … Continue reading

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Esse and Essentia: What do these Thomist terms mean?

One of the big difficulties for me in reading St Thomas Aquinas (one of many) is that I don’t understand what his terminology means. This morning I came across this paper that helpfully explains the key terms—esse, essentia, ens, quidditia—that … Continue reading

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God Simply Is the Sheer Act of Existing

“The doctrine of God’s simplicity,” states James Dolezal, “reaches the zenith of expression and sophistication in the thought of Thomas Aquinas” (God Without Parts, p. 6). One might even argue that it forms the lynchpin of St Thomas’s understanding of … Continue reading

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The Three Rivers

The river of judgment sings a grave and foreboding song As the mass of deceased human souls approaches its banks Peals of thunder ring out from the ebony current Causing men’s hearts to tremble with self-convicting dread An angel carrying … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas, Divine Simplicity, and Knowing the Unknowable God

What is God? What is his nature? The answer given by St Thomas Aquinas may surprise us: we do not know. By contemplation of the structures of the world, we may know that God exists as the ultimate cause and doer … Continue reading

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