The Conqueror of Hell

Weeping and gnashing of teeth fill the abyss of Hell
The gravity of sin the darkness cannot dispel

Human depravity in all of its repugnance
Is judged on the merits of its stubborn willfulness

But I, the Divine Creator, shall not abandon my creation
To the ignominious horrors of an everlasting damnation

For the flames of my eternal love shall burn away the dross
Of iniquity which cruelly commissioned Me to the cross

Wounds shall be healed with the salve of mercy
Vices purged by a painful cautery

But I, the Cosmic Physician, shall not punish for eternity
As mankind has been taught to be charitable toward one’s enemy

Sinners will be rescued and redeemed
From the pit of the infernal fiend

To the original good shall they be restored
Singing praises to the Most High with one accord

For I, the Conqueror of Hell, shall not lose a single soul
The salvation of man being Divine Mercy’s primal goal

~ The Poetic Universalist

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  1. Agnikan says:

    Game on.


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