The River of Fire

A river of fire blazes a trail
Between Hades and the heavenly vale

In its flames justice and mercy coincide
Sinners are disciplined and saints purified

On the banks of the holy conflagration
Stands the Guarantor of mankind’s salvation

He who is the Image of Divine Mercy
Baptizes every man in the fiery sea

The torrent of the Just Judge will cleanse each man of his vice
Then the Savior shall carry the redeemed to paradise

~The Poetic Universalist

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7 Responses to The River of Fire

  1. Peregrinus says:

    This would be even more perfect if it were set to the meter of Dies Irae.

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  2. Mike H says:

    Brings to mind “The Consuming Fire” by George MacDonald.

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  3. I find this image very helpful and greatly appreciate your sharing this poem. What strikes me is that there is a need to prepare myself for the fiery river, accepting even the challenges of this day as an expression of it. At one time I was anxious to know on what bank of the river I was. Now I am more content simply to entrust myself to the mercy of the Guarantor and of the river itself.

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