Complete Victory

After many aeons evil will be exterminated
And Divine goodness will fill all creation unabated

All mankind will be united in one brotherhood
Furthermore, no creature shall be left outside the good

Every created being will be restored
Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord

Despite the horrors brought about by the Fall
Sin will be purged and God shall be all in all

The Word shall prevail over the whole of creation
And change all living souls into His own perfection

The lake of fire shall purify no more
Only immortal blessedness will be in store

Not one created by God will be exiled
For all will end up redeemed and undefiled

Christ’s victory will be utterly complete
Saving only some would amount to defeat

~ The Poetic Universalist

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4 Responses to Complete Victory

  1. Frederick Wasti says:

    Very interesting poem, but just who is “The Poetic Universalist”? Thanks.


  2. Frederick Wasti says:

    Thanks for your reply. However, it does make it difficult to quote the poem. Oh well — thanks again for your reply, and thanks to “The Poetic Universalist” for sharing.


  3. I once heard that theology is at its best in poetry; the breath of Holy Spirit.


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