Savior of all mankind

What of the Muslim, Hindu, and Jew
Who knew You not or rejected You?

What of the Buddhist, Confucianist, and Taoist
Who You as the one true Lord and Savior dismissed?

What of the vacillating agnostic who could not decide
On You whose claims of divinity they knowingly set aside?

What of the atheist who refused to believe
In You whose power and love they could not perceive?

What of the people who never heard of You
Who were ignorant of the Gospel so true?

What of all the people who because of one’s family, culture, and circumstance
Would not be able to give Your death and resurrection a reasonable chance?

What of the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant
Who each claim their worship of You is preeminent?

And what of the Christian hypocrite
Who so falsely the faith did depict?

Fear not, for what you think is impossible
Shall to Me prove not to be an obstacle

To some I will speak with a still small voice
Until they learn to make the proper choice

To others I will chastise with the fire of Hell
Until their self-delusion I have sorely dispelled

To some I will teach that I am the only true God
The One who is worthy of their everlasting laud

To others I will confront their stubborn denial
Purifying their souls through a fiery trial

Fear not, the cosmic victory has already been won
For they shall all confess Me as the Omnipotent Son

~ The Poetic Universalist

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