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“He who knows his own sin …”

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Afterlife Possibilities: Is There Repentance Beyond Death?

If the eschatological vision of Origen, St Gregory of Nyssa, and St Isaac of Nineveh is to be fulfilled, then it must be possible for those who die in a state of alienation from God to subsequently repent of their … Continue reading

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Homily for my son Aaron

Four years ago my dear son Aaron died. Everything changed for me and my family that day. It’s hard to put into words. Perhaps only parents who have lost a child can understand. Not a day goes by when I … Continue reading

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Savior of all mankind

What of the Muslim, Hindu, and Jew Who knew You not or rejected You? What of the Buddhist, Confucianist, and Taoist Who You as the one true Lord and Savior dismissed? What of the vacillating agnostic who could not decide … Continue reading

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Kallistos Ware and the Fall of the Incarnate Christ

“The unassumed is the unhealed, but what is united with God is also being saved” (Ep. 101.5). With this one sentence St Gregory the Theologian overthrew the fourth-century heresy taught by Apollinarius. We may speculate all we want on the … Continue reading

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Personhood, the Philokalia, and the Jesus Prayer

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Free-will Theodicies of Hell

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. Every free-will theodicy of hell (and, for that matter, every free-will defense of it as well) rests upon an incompatibilist (or so-called libertarian) understanding of human freedom. C. S. Lewis, one of the earliest proponents of … Continue reading

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God Differs Differently: How Divine Transcendence Makes Possible the God-Man

Docetism, Sabellianism, Subordinationism, Arianism, Nestorianism, Monophysitism—we know the names of the famous heresies that plagued the Church during the first millennium. Perhaps we can even describe them and explain why they were rejected. But what may not be clear in … Continue reading

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