“To trust in spite of the look of being forsaken …”

To trust in spite of the look of being forsaken; to keep crying out into the vast, whence comes no returning voice, and where seems no hearing; to see the machinery of the world pauselessly grinding on as if self-moved, caring for no life, nor shifting a hair-breadth for all entreaty, and yet believe that God is awake and utterly loving; to desire nothing but what comes meant for us from His hand; to wait patiently, ready to die of hunger, fearing only lest faith should fail—such is the victory that overcometh the world, such is faith indeed.

George MacDonald

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5 Responses to “To trust in spite of the look of being forsaken …”

  1. Andrew says:

    This is wonderful, where does it come from? Is there a particular anthology or edition of Macdonald’s theological works which you recommend?


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      Andrew, it’s from Castle Warlock.

      I strongly recommend the collection Consuming Fire.


      • Andrew says:

        Thank you, wonderful


      • Mike H says:

        Andrew, as far as an anthology I like “Knowing the Heart of God” or “Discovering the Character of God” both by Michael Phillips. It includes excerpts of GMac’s fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

        Unspoken Sermons (along with most of his other works) is available for free on Kindle.


  2. mattkofler says:

    This is encouraging to me, as I’ve struggled lately with a feeling of God’s absence, especially in light of the horrible tragedies of late. It’s always good to know that others wiser than I have tread the same ground. That’s honestly the hardest part of living as a believer in the modern world, feeling like your thoughts and emotions are largely unintelligible to others around you, and thus make no sense whatsoever.

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