The prophet Noah had warned us of impending disaster
But we considered him nothing but a religious mad man
There had always been floods in the Mesopotamian basin
A natural phenomenon of the hydrological cycle

We thought God a concept for the weak and ignorant masses
No tribal deity could threaten our sovereign autonomy
So when Noah preached of the coming judgment
We taunted his irrational zealotry

But deep in our hearts we knew something was terribly wrong
For the human species had descended into darkness
Violence and bloodshed dominated the earth
Cruelty and lust contaminated our race

The complete corruption of mankind
Would eventually come to a head
But to imagine a divinely-ordained day of reckoning
Would only concede defeat to superstitious insanity

Some time before the calamity struck
We had noticed a bright streaking object
Growing ever more luminous
As it coursed through the sky

What began as an object of celestial wonder
Evolved into a sensation of impending doom
And while this cosmic omen approached its unwitting planetary victim
The fanatical Noah hastened construction of the monolithic boat

Jeering crowds enveloped Noah, his family, and hired workers
As they labored from dawn till dusk building and filling the great Ark
Even more peculiar was the sight of various animals
Approaching two by two in an orderly menagerie

It was as if these wild beasts carried within themselves
The interior knowledge of imminent catastrophe
Yet still we stubbornly persisted in our scoffing derision
For perhaps Noah was merely a clever animal charmer

The day of retribution had finally arrived
The ball of dazzling fire which brilliantly shone
Penetrated the sky and crashed into the sea
Outright panic and unspeakable horrors ensued

Gargantuan waves rushed out from the impact’s epicenter
A terrifying earthquake broke up the fountains of the deep
The sun hid its light from our planet’s inhabitants
As torrential rainstorms broke out all over the world

Millions of us were lost in the cruel and pitiless floodwaters
Save the clairvoyant Noah and his obedient family
Some of us begged to come aboard the life-saving vessel
But the destructive turbulence forbade any rescue

As our lifeless bodies floated in the deathly waters
Our spirits descended to the dark prisons of Hades
Where our wickedness received its just recompense
And any hope of clemency was extinguished

For nearly three millennia we languished in Tartarus
Devoid of any connection with humans or the Divine
Taunted day and night by the cruel one and his malignant minions
We were crushed by the weight of our deplorable depravity

But one fateful day, after all prospect of mercy had vanished
An explosion of blinding light invaded our gloomy dungeons
The Adversary and his fallen comrades cowered in terror
As the Crucified One breached the realm of woeful damnation

In our despair, we ran to Him and implored
Take pity on us, O Great One, and save us
For we sense that You alone are able to redeem us
From this subterranean cavity of misery

He gazed upon our most miserable horde
With a gravity that pierced our inner souls
Yet, overpowering this solemn scrutiny
Was the countenance of a tender compassion

As the Holy One began to preach His salvific Gospel
We considered His message in veritable humility
Soon, the caverns of Hell were glowing with the light of His truth
The lamp of our souls relit by the hope of Divine Mercy

After being bathed in the water of regeneration
We followed our Savior in ceremonial procession
Ascending up through the domain of outer darkness
We entered God’s hallowed and verdurous paradise

Once condemned by the ark of reprisal
Now rescued by the ark of salvation
Once a symbol of the Father’s inexorable justice
Now a motif of the Son’s inexhaustible charity

~ The Poetic Universalist

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  1. Speaking of deluges, remember to keep Louisiana in your prayers.


  2. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    In case anyone is wondering, I am not the “Poetic Universalist.” I haven’t been poetic in years. 😉


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