“Fear is rooted in the confusion between ourselves and God”

“Take heart: I AM. Be not afraid.”

The Name frees from fear. To take heart, to be in the Name is to be fearless in heart even when fears are arising in the soul.

Fear is rooted in the confusion between ourselves and God, which in turn divides us from ourselves, each other, and from God. The subtle centres below the heart are ruled by fear: fear for survival, fear for security, fear of domination. Bound by fear, these more primitive levels cannot know what the heart knows. They cannot assimilate what love knows. But they arise in us. They live in us.

Once we take heart, love arises. Fear is felt, but melts, melts into love, for love gently overcomes fear. Fear arises but self-liberates into light, from mind to heart, from root to crown. These are the mysteries of theoria and theosis in the Name.

Priest-Monk Silouan

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5 Responses to “Fear is rooted in the confusion between ourselves and God”

  1. Thank you for that, Priest-Monk Silouan.
    Can I ask you what exactly where the confusion lies?
    Is it failure to realise the truth that John 17:21-23 tells us?


  2. I think we are very much of God and the confusion lies in not realising this.
    Knowing we all exist in Him and that He loves us unconditionally frees us from fear and propels us towards God and towards joy.
    I am headed in that direction acknowledging however that there will likely be many twists, turns and diversions en route.

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