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An interview with David Bentley Hart 

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The Story of Mordecai and the Great Rabbi

The story is told of a very pious Jewish couple – they had married with great love and the love never died. Their greatest hope was to have a child so that their love could walk the earth with joy. … Continue reading

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Suffering, Theodicy, and Apokatastasis

“What then, one might well ask, is divine providence?” David Bentley Hart poses this question after pondering upon the evil and suffering of the world in his beautiful little book The Doors of the Sea. In the preceding eighty-one pages Hart compares the … Continue reading

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“Come, you who fostered my love, for I am love”

As the holy Gospel clearly proclaims, the Son of Man will gather together all nations. “He will separate people one from another, as a shepherd separates sheep from goats. The sheep he will place at his right hand, the goats … Continue reading

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Thomas Aquinas and the Pseudo-Denys on the Darkness of God

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Michael Hanby on the Metaphysics of Creation, Darwinism and Evolutionary Biology

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“Because we are the sons of God, we must become the sons of God”

God can no more than an earthly parent be content to have only children: he must have sons and daughters– children of his soul, of his spirit, of his love–not merely in the sense that he loves them, or even … Continue reading

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Gospel, Mortal Sin, and the Search for Assurance

The problem with mortal sin is that it’s so damned mortal. It scares me—as it rightly should. Mortal sin is nothing less than a state of spiritual death and impenitence. I know that the reason I was initially drawn to … Continue reading

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