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“Alas, the inebriation was deep; Luther had drunk of the intoxicating Blood”

In 1517 a travelling preacher of Indulgences came near to Wittenburg; the Elector of Saxony had forbidden the sale to take place in his dominions, and the frontier was not crossed. The preacher was a Dominican named Tetzel; his work … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible Properly: John Behr, Stanley Hauerwas, and the Historical-Critical Method

How was it that the disciples came to know Jesus as Lord and Son of God? They did not acquire this knowledge by merely accompanying him on his travels around Galilee—the gospels make this point clearly enough. Nor did they come … Continue reading

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“But all Christendom, and especially Augustine, knew that only Christ could act Christ”

“Augustine, from his small seaport on the North African coast, swayed the whole Western Church as its intellectual dictator” [N. P. Williams]. He had been converted like St. Paul; he had seized Christ through Paul. He rose into Christendom from … Continue reading

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Meditating Four Quartets: Little Gidding (II/2)

“I thought morning would never get here,” whispers the poet to himself as he steps out of his house to survey the new devastation wrought by the latest wave of German bombers. What he sees sickens him. He finds himself … Continue reading

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“I have pointed out Jacob to you, Jacob blessed and Jacob lame”

What we have heard said by the Lord Jesus Christ to Nathanael, if we understand it aright, does not concern him only. For our Lord Jesus saw the whole human race under the fig-tree. For in this place it is … Continue reading

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“The Power of the hidden Father comes and in you will be clothed with a body”

The revelation went out from God to the pure one by means of Gabriel, the learned one, who teaches fine sayings. The man of fire was sent from God that he might bring the message from the house of the … Continue reading

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What the Cross Meant to Charles Williams

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The Pre-post-modernity of John Behr

  Earlier this week I started reading Fr John Behr’s book The Mystery of Christ. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for many years. I’ve wanted to read it, as I have great respect for Fr John as theologian and scholar—his (unfortunately … Continue reading

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