“It is the first day in which the creation took beginning”

This is the day in which the generations that were worn out were renewed
and in the resurrection they came into existence after they had fallen.
It is the first day in which the creation took beginning
and behold, again from it life began to be transmitted.
On this day the world began to be established
and now behold, on it again it began to be renewed.
On this day the Lion’s whelp crouched over death
and tore it into pieces in its den and brought out the prey gathered by it.
On this day Light has shone forth amidst darkness
and the resurrection stood holding the beginning of the new world.
Today Life began to tread under foot the region of death
and set up mile-stones on the fearful road so that it should not fail again.
This is the feast in which the walls of Sheol were uprooted;
because the slaughtered King entered into it and subjugated it and force a passage through the walls of Sheol.
Today is the first of days in which the First-Born rose up from among the dead
so that the race of His mother might be raised up into the land of His Father.
On this day the crucifiers who guarded the tomb were ashamed,
because the Mighty-One rose up and the bars of Sheol did not withstand in His presence.
This is the day that carries all good tidings
so that it should console the sorrowful disciples who were mourning.
On this feast the disciples left behind their hiding places.
Then the perturbed disciples seized by exultation
made haste to the tomb, the bridal chamber.
Today the lambs which were scattered have gathered together,
because the Shepherd has risen up and the solves fled and the herdsmen gathered themselves.
On this day there was mourning for the band of Caiphas,
and exultation for the company of Simon, which had been sorrowful.
On this day the heart of the women disciples became joyful
because they saw as a Gardener the One who makes everything grow risen from the sepulcre.
Today the banner of life has been set up in the place of death
and the clamour of watchers and the apostles was heard on it.
Today the ranks trampled Sheol, which was broken through
and its walls fell, and the way for the groups came into being.
On this day let us ask death, where is your sting?
Or, where is the victory of Sheol which has been conquered?
On this feast the head of the apostolic group is exalted
because they saw the slaughtered Teacher raised up as He promised.
Today the Scribes armed themselves with calumny
because the Valiant One rose up and they falsely accused Him saying, “He is stolen away.”
On this day the company of Annas put on mourning,
and consolation entered the beloved company of John.
On this day let teaching stand up with confidence,
because He is the head and fulfilment of preaching.

St Jacob of Sarug

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