Conversations with Poppi: Baptism and the Spirit

I am listening to the Crackers & Grape Juice interview with Robert Jenson, and I thought about this series of excerpts from Conversations with Poppi.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Solveig: Bring up something.

Poppi: Let’s talk about communion some more.

S: Okay. But why don’t we talk about baptism? That’s a lot more interesting as a conversation.

P: You think so? Why?

S: Well, communion to me is just one basic fact; baptism has more of a story to it.

P: What story?

S: Like the story of why baptism became baptism.

P: And what’s that story?

S: I want you to tell it to me.

P: The idea of washing someone to make them clean is a sort of obvious one, isn’t it?

S: Clean of what?

P: That is the point.

S: Clean of evil.

P: Clean of evil or whatever you want.  Strictly speaking, all that water does is to take dirt off. But that makes it an obvious symbol of getting rid of anything that feels dirty. When we know we have been up to…

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2 Responses to Conversations with Poppi: Baptism and the Spirit

  1. Mike H says:

    Read this book about a year ago. Solveig struck me as possibly the smartest 8 year old on the planet.

    The Spirit as “God’s liveliness” was something that really struck me at the time.

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