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Interceding for Others with the Jesus Prayer

H: Indeed, father, we have not said anything up to now about saying the Jesus prayer for others. How can one use the prayer for this purpose? There is so much misfortune in the world, so much is wrong, there is … Continue reading

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The Dispassionate Sybil and the Cosmic Dance

Almost forty years ago I read my first novel by Charles Williams. I do not recall why I chose it. It was not the first or even the second novel that he wrote, nor is it one that most readers … Continue reading

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“If you deprive yourself of prayer, be sure that you have lost something very great”

You must realise the necessity of purification from passions. You should not only want to make others well but you should believe that you, too, like all of us, are full of passions. Each passion is a hell. You should … Continue reading

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The Dangers and Errors of the Jesus Prayer

H: I want to hear more. You said that the Jesus prayer is a science, a complete university. I want you to make me a scientist tonight. You are asking too much. Nobody can become a scientist of the Jesus … Continue reading

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“To discover one’s heart is an act of reintegration, and when the heart and mind are reunited it’s an experience of tremendous spiritual joy and delight.”

In the Orthodox spiritual tradition and in the Bible the heart is the center and core of our being, and there’s a lot of biological information that backs this up. In the human fetus the cardiovascular system is the first … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
Three years ago this day, my son Aaron Edward Kimel took his life. At that moment, my life and the lives of my wife and children and all who loved him were dramatically changed. I…

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White Walkers, Toll-Houses, and the Hermeneutic of Pascha

When I first heard about the aerial toll-houses, I dismissed them as the stuff of folklore, tales told by Old Nan to children when the winter days are short and the nights are long and cold. As terrifying as the … Continue reading

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