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Praying Psalm 41/42

This morning my wife and I prayed Psalm 41/42 as part of our morning office. We use A Psalter for Prayer, which I’m told is based on the old Coverdale translation, though tweaked in light of the Septuagint. After morning prayer … Continue reading

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The Curious Trinity of Dale Tuggy

Analytic philosopher Dale Tuggy has written a curious (but affordable!) book: What is the Trinity? Curious … because if, on the basis of the title, one is hoping to learn why the Church of Jesus Christ formulated the doctrine of the … Continue reading

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“His hands were as earth beneath the bread and his voice was as thunder above it”

Our Lord in a desert place changed a few loaves into many, and at Cana turned water into wine. Thus before the time came to give men and women his own body and blood to feed on, he accustomed their … Continue reading

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“For through certain small and worthless things our inordinate desires bind us again to the world without our realizing it”

Our Fathers, as I have said, having crucified the world to themselves, were earnest in the fight to crucify themselves to the world. We thought to crucify the world to ourselves when we left it and entered the monastery, but … Continue reading

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Memories of a Page

I was appointed a page for the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Jamie Whitten, whose head secretary, Ann Watson, lived a few doors down from us in Arlington and was one of my mother’s best friends. I drove to … Continue reading

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“And so God said, the man is mad; he does not know how to be happy”

Let anyone desiring to find true humility and rest for his soul learn lowliness of mind and see that in it is all joy and all glory and all tranquility, and in pretensions to superiority, just the contrary. From where … Continue reading

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The Risen Christ and the Language of God

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On Charles Williams: ‘An effort to avoid Cant’

by David Llewellyn Dodds Stephen Barber, ed., The Celian Moment and Other Essays by Charles Williams (Carterton, Oxon.: The Greystones Press Ltd, 2017) [xxviii + 132 pages]: paperback 12.99 pounds sterling. Humphrey Carpenter, author of The Inklings (1978), once told … Continue reading

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