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Human Relationships in the Light of Christ

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“If we get beaten, as being men we shall, and slip into sin, let us quickly get up and do penance”

You see then what happens when a man gets the habit of giving in to his instinctive urges? Do you see what a miserable affliction it is? … It was well said by Abbot Nistheron that if a man is … Continue reading

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Dale Tuggy Responds

Dr Dale Tuggy has responded to the first three articles of my review of his book What is the Trinity? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Do skip over to his blog and read through his responses. I’m sure he’d be … Continue reading

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Matins, Jesus Prayer, and Game of Thrones

A year ago I posted the above video, with one or two comments on the Matins office that my wife and I offer most mornings. We have made a couple of changes to our routine, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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“Why do we fritter away our lives?”

Let us attend to ourselves, brothers, let us learn self-control while we have time. Why do we neglect ourselves? Let us be doing something good all the time so that we may find help in the time of trial. Why … Continue reading

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Trinity, Logic, and the Transcendence of Transcendence

Philosopher Dale Tuggy believes he has a decisive proof against the coherency of the catholic doctrine of the Trinity. It goes like this: God is a personal being, i.e., a self. By “self” is understood a being who is conscious, … Continue reading

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Denys Turner on God and Atheism

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Analytic Theology and the One God: Where is the Mystery?

Once the transcendence of Transcendence has been properly grasped, many of the objections advanced against the catholic doctrine of the Holy Trinity lose their persuasive power. Perhaps they have some purchase among analytic philosophers attached to the univocity of being; … Continue reading

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