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Why did the ecclesial chicken cross the road?

The Catholic: She wasn’t sure that advice to stay where she was had been infallible as distinct from calling for mere religious submission. The Orthodox: Because her side of the road was becoming dangerously susceptible to Latin influence. The Episcopalian: … Continue reading

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“See, I guide all things to the end that I ordain them for, before time began”

I saw God in an instant of time, that is to say in my understanding, by which vision I saw that he is present in all things. I contemplated it carefully, seeing and recognizing through it that he does everything … Continue reading

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“It is for love of you that I have made my mother so exalted, so noble, so honourable; and this delights me”

And with this same appearance of mirth and joy our good Lord looked down on his right, and brought to my mind where our Lady stood at the time of his Passion, and he said: Do you wish to see … Continue reading

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“It is a joy, a bliss, and endless delight to me that ever I suffered my Passion for you”

Then our good Lord put a question to me: Are you well satisfied that I suffered for you? I said: Yes, good Lord, all my thanks to you; yes, good Lord, blessed may you be. Then Jesus our good Lord … Continue reading

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“For God wishes to be seen, and he wishes to be sought, and he wishes to be expected, and he wishes to be trusted”

And after this I looked with bodily vision into the face of the crucifix which hung before me, in which I saw a part of Christ’s Passion: contempt, foul spitting, buffeting, and many long-drawn pains, more than I can tell; … Continue reading

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“Give me this fisherman, this man without education or experience …”

While he was on the mountain with Christ the Lord in company with the two other disciples James and John, the blessed apostle Peter heard a voice from heaven saying: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well … Continue reading

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“We may with reverence ask from our lover all that we will, for our natural will is to have God”

We pray to God for his holy flesh and for his precious blood, his holy Passion, his precious death and his glorious wounds, for all the blessings of nature and the endless life that we have of all this, it … Continue reading

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Hell, Freedom, and the Predestinating Gospel

But what about HELL? This is always the first question posed when confronted with Robert W. Jenson’s understanding of the gospel as unconditional promise. If the Church is authorized to speak the Kingdom to all comers, does this not imply universal … Continue reading

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