“And the child, skipping and rejoicing, as if in a bed chamber, walked into the temple of God”

Then holding the child with great joy, Zacharias eagerly brought Mary into the holy of holies, perhaps saying words such as these to her:

“Come, fulfilment of my prophecy! Come, completion of the promises of God! Come, seal of his covenant! Come, achievement of his purposes! Come, manifestation of his mysteries! Come, speculum of all prophets! Come, point of agreement for all those who wickedly dissent! Come, conjunction of those who have previously been separated! Come, support of those who have inclined downwards! Come, renewal of the old! Come, the light of those who lie in darkness! Come, most new and divine gift! Come, Mistress of all who dwell on earth! Come into the glory of your Lord, glory which for now is here below and treated with contempt but which will, after a short time, become heavenly and inaccessible to humankind.”

Having spoken, as is likely, to the child in such a way, the initiate placed her where it was fitting, appropriate, and preordained. And the child, skipping and rejoicing, as if in a bed chamber, walked into the temple of God. She was three years old and supremely perfect with divine grace, since she had been recognized and designated in advance and had been chosen by the God and Steward of all things.

Mary remained in the innermost holy of holies, nourished with ambrosial food by an angel and given divine nectar to drink, until her second stage of life. Then, with the consent of God and by the will of priests, an allotment regarding her was granted and the righteous Joseph gained her as his share. By divine dispensation, he took this holy Virgin out of the temple of God and from its priests to deceive the snake that caused evil in the beginning, in order that it might not attack the untouched maiden, since she was a virgin, but instead pass her by since she had become betrothed. Therefore the wholly undefiled girl was in the house of the carpenter Joseph, kept safe by the Master-builder, God, until the divine mystery which had been hidden from before all ages was accomplished in her, and God was made like mortals out of her.

St Germanos of Constantinople

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  1. Andy says:

    Fr. Kimel,
    Thank you. I just finished reading the entire series on Justification over at Pontifications. Very enlightening and helpful.

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  2. Jonathan says:

    And here I thought I was awkward talking to kids. . .

    Seriously, though, what a beautiful feast.


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