Searching for Our Human Face: Depths Within Depths

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D.


The lonely path is always shared. This is the secret of Christ’s Cross. The person is indeed called to a singular destiny, but that destiny is and always was paradoxically communal. No one, perhaps, can believe for you—although, to be frank, I think it is part of the Christian vocation to do precisely that, to believe on behalf of those in the world who cannot yet believe; but all can believe in you, with you: more on this later.

The relative paucity of detail and scope in the modern self discourages, promoting a cutthroat calculation, an intrigue of the shallows. In contrast, consider Graham Ward’s elucidation of the much more expansive biblical alternative.

The Hebrew ‘heart’ (lev) . . . is the seat of the emotions . . . the place where thinking, believing, imagining and memory take place. It faces both the external and…

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1 Response to Searching for Our Human Face: Depths Within Depths

  1. Steven says:

    Thank you for sharing this stimulating post from your blog’s past. I’m not sure if the author here is hinting at the idea of the “fundamental option theory” as popularized by Roman Catholic theologians such as Bernard Haring and Josef Fuchs, but it certainly reminded me of such. Is there an Orthodox analog to the fundamental option theory, or is this an idea that developed out of a specifically Latin theological mentality?


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