Searching for Our Human Face: Love Bade Me Welcome

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D.

“The Kingdom of God cannot be conceived moralistically: it is on the other side of the distinction. It is the Fall that made moralists of us” (Berdyaev, Destiny of Man, p. 36). Ascesis is necessary in order to train the mind not to accept the obvious. Perhaps better, it is necessary so that the whole man, the Hebrew “heart,” will discern an unexpected path. Once again, William Desmond is instructive:

There is a disorder of self that is perverse; there is a disorder that is divine. There is order that is killing; there is order that gives creation peace. There is a self-love that is really a hatred of the self; there is a hatred of the self that is really a love of what is other, and a consent to being. There is a sacrifice of self that affirms the other; there is…

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