Searching for Our Human Face: Kenosis, Beggary, Hope

Eclectic Orthodoxy

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D.


The kenosis of the Spirit is everywhere. The word of insight may occur on the lips of someone who believes him or herself in revolt against God. The moment of inspiration overcomes psychic deformation. The yes to the creative impulse, insofar as it humbly gives itself to the real, is both a yes to God and the enactment of genuine speech. Yet ideally, this is the mission of the Church. Part of that mission is the gathering of the world’s love and insight strewn across a night of death and despair. The Church’s mission is to extend love and hope to the hopeless. The urgency of the gospel is here. The God is life and the power of life. As much as enemies of the Church have distorted complex truth and used Crusades and Inquisitions as a hammer to bludgeon the people of God…

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