“The Most High descended into the most extreme lowliness, to raise back to the heights that high one who had fallen into that depth”

Because of the great fall of this great image [Adam],
the Son of the King went down to restore His image that had become corrupted.
Our Lord conducted a great search on behalf of the lost sheep,
he carried it on his shoulder to make them exactly one hundred.
The Most High descended into the most extreme lowliness,
to raise back to the heights that high one who had fallen into that depth.
For his sake He came at the end to raise him back up,
and to return him to that first place which had been promised to him.
In mercy He formed him, in mercy He delivered him from robbers,
and in mercy he will come again at the end and raise him back up.
With a single thought that was neither a new one nor a change of mind,
mercy dawned on three occasions and so was completed:
The first time, He painted him in His image out of dust,
the second time, He redeemed him through the blood of His Only-Begotten,
then the last time, He will call out with a voice and raise him up.
Thus, in a three-fold way, He finishes him, makes him whole, and perfects him.
He will shake off the dust from his face and renew him.
He will raise him up without corruption into the spiritual light.
He formed him, redeemed him, and will raise him up; in him He mixes Himself,
so that he might be with Him, in Him, like Him, and for Him.
When He created him He brought him into a contest of righteousness,
and when He redeemed him He gave him freedom from his captors.
When he raises him up He will bequeath him the good things He had promised,
so that Adam might possess everything of His without distinction.

What did he repay Him when He gave him his nature from nothing,
or what did he give Him who crucified His Son on his behalf?
What will he repay when He raises him up from the dust?
All these things were free on account of His incomprehensible mercy.
Adam has three good things from God:
two have already come and one will come at the end of time.
Let not that one who is sure that the two have come to pass
be in any doubt about the one that is to come; it has its time like its companions.
It is a good and great thing that Adam came to be from nothing,
and Likewise that he was redeemed by the blood of the Son of God.
That he will be raised up from the dust is also a good thing,
there is one single power that accomplishes these three things.
If He had not created him He certainly would not have redeemed Him,
but because He did create and redeem him, mercy required that He also raise him up.
He will come at the end to accomplish everything in spiritual fashion,
and He will raise up His image from its fall so that it will never fall again.
He will come to complete the course of time and of cycles,
and when they are completed, He will put an end to the course of the great circuit.

St Jacob of Sarug

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