“The sound of the resurrection reconstructs bones and breaks bodies, it binds bodies and raises up the dead with great glory”

The world is falling but Adam is rising from his fall,
that he might inherit the treasure prepared for him from the beginning.
A great and thunderous voice, continuous and persistent,
who with one signal has yoked both beginning and end.
With one command there will be a resurrection as well as the fall,
creation will fall and Adam will rise just as we have said.
At that signal by which all creation is dissolved,
the body of man will be girt with life that it may rise.
It is a voice that raises up and throws down, binds and looses,
that destroys and constructs, loosens and completes, though it does not toil.
It raises up the buried yet throws down and undoes all rulers.
It binds up bodies and dissolves the course of hosts.
It renews beauties and reconstructs Him image which was destroyed,
in bringing the world to completion and to its restoration His signal initiates it.
The trembling is dreadful, the time is fearful and the voice is grievous,
resurrection is glorious and its story is beyond speech.
The sound of the resurrection reconstructs bones and breaks bodies,
it binds bodies and raises up the dead with great glory.
It uproots Sheol, binds up death, looses Adam,
rends rocks, opens graves, and raises up the dead.
Its voice is powerful, its strength is enormous, its signal swift,
its wonder is great and by its will it will restore everything.
In wonder they will rise up, in glory and without corruption they will come
from destruction at the living signal of Him who is all-powerful.
The four that fell together will arise as one,
for neither beginning nor end shall ever again come upon them.
From the elements, one element will become a body,
which the resurrection will renew so that it might become immortal.
Four shall rise though they are one spiritually,
for there is no way for only one thing to be looses.
Although they are one, they are from many,
for one will neither all nor be changed because it is one.
As from a fiery furnace they shall come forth at the resurrection,
the four as one in an indestructible perfection.
All these honorable things that belong to nature
remain in the grave and the body arises without corruption.
The five senses that have fallen with it will rise with it,
not within any limit, but on a spiritual course.
He sees with them all, hears with them all, senses with them all,
tastes with them all and smells with them all, when he has been resurrected.

St Jacob of Sarug

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