“This body which stood naked in the garden will be clothed in glory and will be radiant at the resurrection”

In the new world, the body will move in spiritual fashion,
for like a spirit it will pass through even solid natures.
It will be easy for it to descend and to explore deep regions without effort,
and to go up and reach the top of high places without falling.
It will direct its own path before itself and pass through everything,
closed gates do not hinder it from entering into them.
It is crowned and glittering, delicate and refined, perfect and polished,
and clothed in light in a world of light like an angel.
No anger or desire, hunger or thirst, laziness, toil or sleep, disease or any sort of oppression,
Not one of these things will touch it once it is resurrected,
for it will be purified and will become a new, spiritual being.
At the resurrection the body will rise as a new creation,
as it will no longer be subservient to weakness or to change.
That signal, which gave it is nature from nothing, will dawn
and will perfect it that it may rise up and become impassible.
Even though its limbs will rise up together with their components,
it will move entirely in a spiritual manner with no density.
It will acquire a completely ethereal and spiritual nature,
and it will cast aside all its corporeal movements.

This body that fell and will rise up spiritually,
is nothing other than the same one that the serpent harmed.
It became naked but will be covered in a garment of glory,
that when it rises up its enemy might be shamed by the mercy that spared it.
For the one that fell it is a good thing that there be a resurrection,
for had he not fallen no resurrection would have been required.
The one who fell will rise up; for one who has not fallen there is no need to rise,
one who is dead will live but one who is not dead will not be resurrected.
This body which stood naked in the garden
will be clothed in glory and will be radiant at the resurrection.
To it belongs resurrection and to it belongs judgement by Justice;
it is right that it be victorious but not right that it be punished.
It will be raised up, it will be renewed, it will be praised,
it will be culpable, to it belongs both fire and the kingdom.
In wonder it shall arise, in splendor it shall shine, in glory it shall reign.
Blessed is He who renewed the image of Adam that had been corrupted.

St Jacob of Sarug

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