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“The scholastic philosophers often argued like forensic lawyers, but beneath the surface of disputatious univocity, there is more at work”

Kant’s critique of the traditional proofs [for the existence of God] has been taken as definitive, but is this so? Not quite. As formulated in the ethos of modernity, it conceives of nature in terms of Newtonian mechanism, where at … Continue reading

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Reviewing Reardon on Redemption

by Tom Belt It’s always an honor to join in the conversation here at Fr Aidan’s place. It’s good of him to invite me in to share my thoughts on Fr Patrick Henry Reardon’s enlightening book Reclaiming the Atonement: An … Continue reading

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“Who can honestly make epochal claims about modernity, postmodernity?”

Are we are living in the end times of the narcissism of autonomy—even when we deconstruct autonomy? Many uses of the word “postmodern” set my teeth on edge because in trying to mean too much the word can end up … Continue reading

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William Desmond and the In-Between

I am nearing the conclusion of my holiday outside Black Mountain, North Carolina. It has rained hard each day for most of each day, thus interrupting our plans and walks, yet the rain also brings out the best of the … Continue reading

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“Now the mystery of Christ’s death is fulfilled, victory is won, and the cross, the sign of triumph, is raised on high”

The Gospel describes the Lord’s life upon earth and his return to heaven. But the sublime prophet David, as though unencumbered by the weight of his body, rose above himself to mingle with the heavenly powers and record for us … Continue reading

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The Profundity of Preaching

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Are Trinitarians Polytheists?

If Father, Son, and Spirit are each divine, then why are they not three gods? We are finally prepared to look more closely at St Gregory of Nyssa’s provocative answer in his Ad Ablabium. As we have seen, Gregory has … Continue reading

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