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Beau Branson on the “Neglected” Monarchy of the Father

Originally posted on Thought Life:
Recently I encountered a presentation that made me shed my Western Christian eyes. It was given by Beau Branson (freely available at his website) on what he calls the “neglected” doctrine of the “monarchy of…

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Lectio Divina as School of Prayer Among the Fathers of the Desert

by Dom Armand Veilleux, O.C.S.O. The vocation of Antony, as it is described for us by Athanasius in his Life of Antony, is well-known. One day the young Antony, who had been brought up in a Christian family of the … Continue reading

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Imagining the God Beyond Being

An imaginative exercise adapted for Christian meditation from Plotinus (Ennead V.8.9.1-18): Let us then apprehend in our thought this visible universe, with each of its parts remaining what it is without confusion, gathering all of them together into one as … Continue reading

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“The God of the Gospel” by Robert W. Jenson

This address by Robert W. Jenson was delivered at a conference in Baltimore which Fr William McKeachie and I organized. Old St Paul’s Church hosted the event. The year was 1992, but neither William nor I remember the month or … Continue reading

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Dionysian Ponderings: Divine Knowledge, Creation, and Modal Collapse

How does the infinite Creator know the contingent realities he has brought into existence without compromising his metaphysical simpleness? Or as St Dionysius the Areopagite asks: How is God to comprehend something among the intelligibles since he does not have … Continue reading

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“He wills that the bonds of love, like the tendrils of a vine, should attach us to our neighbors and make us rest on them”

You need only to look at the vine to be reminded of your own nature, that is, if you observe it intelligently. No doubt you remember the image used by the Lord in which he says that he is the vine … Continue reading

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“A Call to Faithfulness” by Robert W. Jenson

Robert W. Jenson delivered this address to the “A Call to Faithfulness” conference at St Olaf College in June 1990. It speaks as powerfully, and relevantly, to the Church today as it did 28 years ago. Whether you are Protestant, … Continue reading

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When Scripture Becomes Scripture

The writings of the Bible exist as historical artifacts and may therefore be read as historical artifacts. For this purpose, we seek to understand them within their historical context. We need to know all sorts of things: we need to … Continue reading

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