“The Church’s food is full of grace”

Who is this who gives me,
miserable, wretched person that I am,
yourself in the sweet sacrifice
as the Church’s Bridegroom?
I call you brother
because you have become a man.
You drink from the divine mother’s breast
mercy and truth,
the food of humanity.
The Divinity has become my mother,
for she formed me, awakened me,
and gave me life.
The Church’s food is full of grace,
for you, the living bread and source of living water,
provide her overflowing fullness
in the sacrament of your Body and Blood.
For the sake of my salvation
you became human.
You now make me a sharer
in your Body and Blood
so that no creature more may despise me,
since you for my sake
came into the world
and gave yourself up to me,
even though I rejected your commandments
and showed myself your enemy.

So let me kiss you, brother,
Son of God and Son of Man.

St Hildegard of Bingen

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