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Thralls of the Metronome: The Fall of the Demons into Devastated Time

“The angels are first among creatures,” writes Paul Griffiths—“first, that is, in time, and first, also, in intimacy with the LORD. When the created order comes into being by the LORD’s fiat, the light that exists before the lights given … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year: ghost stories and the supernatural!

Sit in a half-darkened room and set loose your imagination. This is more than just a ghost story. This is Charles Williams!

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The Vates Christ Jesus and the Struggle to Say Amen

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. I know atheists for whom discussion of God is equivalent to quibbling over whether or not invisible pink rabbits exist. They have been educated into imbecility. While capable of shrewd, instrumental acts of reason, they … Continue reading

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How does time work in the afterlife?

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Angels and the Bodies They May Be

An evening in 1997—Fr James E. Cantler was presiding at the Holy Eucharist at the Church of the Holy Communion in Charleston, South Carolina, celebrating the anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. I was assisting in the sanctuary. My … Continue reading

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The Cross: Substitution & Participation

by Thomas Belt Fr Aidan has been a friend and sparring partner for several years now, during which time Eclectic Orthodox (EO) has become one of the best theological blogs around, so it’s a special joy to be invited to … Continue reading

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“He annuled the curse, put an end to death, opened paradise, destroyed sin, flung wide the gates of heaven, and introduced there the firstfruits of our race”

When the ten disciples were indignant with James and John for separating themselves from their company in the hope of obtaining the highest honor, Jesus corrected the disorderly passions of both groups. Notice how he did it. He called them … Continue reading

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“The mystery of Christ’s incarnation and sacrificial death provides the inner line of tension, always a line of beauty, along which the world moves toward its transfiguration”

Glory’s traces and heaven’s anticipations are present extraliturgically in the devastation as well as, paradigmatically, in the liturgy, and these extra-liturgical traces are proper occasions for delight. Such traces are evident to most human creatures principally as beauty, and this … Continue reading

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