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“Tyrannical say so-ing Gods both reflect and produce tyrannical say so-ing humans”

The suspicion that God’s transcendence implies arbitrariness of divine power persists, nurtured by biblical stories such as the awful command to Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the Voice from the whirlwind silencing Job. How distinguish the divine from irrational will and … Continue reading

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“The names ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ characterize what is proper to the personal realities; the names ‘God’ and ‘Lord’ show what is common”

Consider this. Paul says: “One God, the Father from whom are all things, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things.” If the Father is said to be one God, it excludes the Son from being God; if … Continue reading

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Gospel, Grammar, and the Infallibility of Dogma

Dogmas are the constitutive doctrines that define the Christian faith. Such dogmas must be believed by Christians, because they articulate essential dimensions of God’s self-revelation in Christ and thus norm the Church’s proclamation of the gospel. I have found Lutheran … Continue reading

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“For being at once God and man, He both gives the Spirit to the creation in His divine nature, and receives it from God the Father in His human nature”

Luke 4:16. And He came to Nazareth: and entered into the synagogue. Since therefore it was now necessary that He should manifest Himself to the Israelites, and that the mystery of His incarnation should now shine forth to those who … Continue reading

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“Wording the between: a sung world—a song not only sung, but a song giving rise to new singers”

If the world is not God’s self-doubling, God is not touched by the nothingness ontologically constitutive of the finite being. The origin is in excess of, over and above the most extreme negation, huper the absolute nothing. The creative act … Continue reading

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Reading our way out of the Trinity

Over the past several years, I have watched on social media evangelicals and Protestants vigorously contest the doctrine of the Trinity. Is it supported by the plain reading of Holy Scripture? Is it truly biblical? Analytic philosopher Dale Tuggy has … Continue reading

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“The LORD makes and remakes; he does not unmake, and the infliction of pain as punishment would be to contribute to unmaking”

Sin, the averting of sinners by their own actions from the LORD’s loving face, has nothing whatever to do with the LORD. It is an absence, a horror, a grasp at nothing that succeeds in moving the graspers toward what … Continue reading

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Heavenly Amnesia: How Sweet to Forget the Damned

Through Christ and in Christ, by the Spirit, the Father will perfect in love all who come to him in repentance and faith. In Christ the blessed will love as the Father loves, and their love will comprehend all. In … Continue reading

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