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“For today not only are we confirmed as possessors of paradise, but have also in Christ penetrated the heights of heaven”

Since the blessed and glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, whereby the Divine power in three days raised the true Temple of God, which the wickedness of the Jews had overthrown, the sacred forty days, dearly-beloved, are today ended, … Continue reading

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The Tactual, Tangible, Carnal Salvation of Christ

Reading Paul J. Griffiths’s Decreation and Christian Flesh I was repeatedly struck by the significance of the sense of touch. Human flesh desires to touch and be touched. “Flesh is haptic,” Griffiths writes, “which is to say that flesh touches and is touched, … Continue reading

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The Seven Ecumenical Councils in Nutshells

1) Council of Nicaea (325): “Have you homoousiosed today?” 2) Council of Constantinople (381): “Second verse same as the First, but now with the Holy Spirit.” 3) Council of Ephesus (431): “Nononestorius.” 4) Council of Chalcedon (451): “When men were … Continue reading

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Piercing the Veil: Ascension, Heaven, Eucharist

“Two affirmations,” writes Paul J. Griffiths, “are required of Christians about Jesus’ ascended flesh” (Christian Flesh, p. 49): The ascended flesh is now located at the right hand of the Father. The ascended flesh is truly present in the Holy … Continue reading

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“It is necessary for a soul to grow and be enlarged until it is capable of containing God within itself”

“My Father and I will come to him”—that is to say, to the holy of heart—says the Son of God, “and we will make our home with him.” It seems to me that when the psalmist said to God: “You … Continue reading

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All-time Popular Blog Posts

“If atonement ain’t penal, why the cross?”—the popular reception of this article has surprised me. With 3,982 views, it’s on the way to becoming the single most popular article within a single year I have ever published here on Eclectic … Continue reading

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“Do not touch me!”: The Haptic Enigma of Christ’s Resurrected Flesh

Between the death of the Lord’s natal flesh and the inauguration of his ascended flesh, there is the enigmatic time of resurrected flesh. In the mode of historical corporeality, Jesus was haptically available to family, friends, enemies, and strangers. They … Continue reading

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The Vulnerability and Invulnerability of the Natal Flesh of God

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we saw his glory, the glory as it were of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth. John 1:14 To fully understand human corporeality, we … Continue reading

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