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‘That All Shall Be Saved’: An Introductory Review

Four years ago David Bentley Hart announced on Eclectic Orthodoxy that he subscribes to the doctrine of apokatastasis and hoped to write a book on the subject. I do not know if this was the first time he had ever … Continue reading

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“And that is who Jesus is: the Firstborn, the firstborn of many brethren, the firstborn of all creation, and the firstborn from among the dead”

God’s covenant is forever. His promise is sure. No matter how unfaithful the people are, he remains faithful. No matter what is going on, even though his wrath has to come upon the people because of their sins and transgressions, … Continue reading

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Is Justification an Event or Process?

According to (now contested) ecumenical exegesis of the New Testament, justification is God’s eschatological act of acquittal by which sinners are declared to be just—the final judgment let loose in history ahead of time (see Righteousness in the New Testament). As eschatological … Continue reading

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Divine Simplicity: Into the Negative Zone

by David Mahfood, Ph.D. Introduction A clear set of premises leading to a conclusion is a remarkable intellectual gift, for then one’s options are clear: accept the conclusion, reject one or more premises, or find a fallacy in the way … Continue reading

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“God cries out that the kingdom of heaven is for sale”

God cries out that the kingdom of heaven is for sale. The glorious bliss of this kingdom sur­passes the power of mortal eye to see, mortal ear to hear, mortal heart to conceive. If anyone asks the price that must … Continue reading

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Fr Stephen Freeman and the Dynamics of Salvation

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Luther, Catholicism, and Justification by Faith

In his book The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism, the great Catholic scholar Louis Bouyer, himself a convert from Lutheranism, describes Martin Luther’s understanding of justifying faith: Salvation is a grace, a gift of God, not the work of man. … Continue reading

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Fire of the Spirit

by Fr Kenneth Tanner I am inspired by these children at the front today, bowing as the cross passed them in procession. They were not reverencing an instrument of torture but their God, who hangs from a tree to show … Continue reading

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