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Fr Stephen Freeman and the Dynamics of Salvation

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Luther, Catholicism, and Justification by Faith

In his book The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism, the great Catholic scholar Louis Bouyer, himself a convert from Lutheranism, describes Martin Luther’s understanding of justifying faith: Salvation is a grace, a gift of God, not the work of man. … Continue reading

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Fire of the Spirit

by Fr Kenneth Tanner I am inspired by these children at the front today, bowing as the cross passed them in procession. They were not reverencing an instrument of torture but their God, who hangs from a tree to show … Continue reading

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Suffering, Theodicy, and Apocatastasis

“What then, one might well ask, is divine providence?” David Bentley Hart poses this ques­tion after pondering upon the evil and suffering of the world in his beautiful little book The Doors of the Sea. Hart compares the orthodox Christian … Continue reading

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Mini-review: ‘Beneath the Silent Heavens’

A retelling—or perhaps the telling for the first time—of the story of Noe (Noah) and his family. Talking animals (Noe alone among humans can communicate with them), Nephilim, marital love that deepens over centuries, terrible evil, modern technology and culture … Continue reading

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“Christ foretells that he will suffer death on a cross before the human race is inflamed by the fire of this love”

“I have come to cast fire upon the earth.” In other words, I have come down from the highest heaven and appeared to men and women through the mystery of the incarnation in order to light the fire of divine … Continue reading

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Rolling into the Kingdom!

The Tenth Anathema of the famous anti-Origenist Fifteen reads: If anyone shall say that after the resurrection the body of the Lord was ethereal, having the form of a sphere, and that such shall be the bodies of all after … Continue reading

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