Comments caught in spam queue

Dear readers,

I just found four comments in the spam queue. They appear to have been in there for several days. My apologies for their late approval. Legitimate comments rarely get caught by the WordPress filters. As a result I rarely check the spam queue more than once a week. Hence to find four legitimate comments in the spam queue was a shock. I have no idea why this sometimes happens, nor does WordPress. It shouldn’t happen, but it occasionally does. Those comments have now been approved and are visible in the respective threads.

I offer my apologies to the authors of these comments. I wish I could promise to check the spam queue more frequently, but since the odds of me fulfilling that promise are zilch, I’ll just stick with the “I’m sorry.”

If you submit a comment and 12 hours go by and it still hasn’t appeared, please feel free to email me using the hotmail address found on the “About” page.

Fr A

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