Preparing to Read ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

Reports of early deliveries of David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved are popping up around the theoweb. While you are waiting for yours to arrive, or perhaps before you immediately jump in, you may find it helpful to read these three articles by Hart:

Tsunami and Theodicy

Saint Origen

Traditio Deformis

An essay you may wish to read—but do not need to because it is included in the book in a revised form—is “God, Creation, and Evil.”

And finally, you may find of interest these comments by Hart on the topic “Universal Salvation and Human Freedom.”

And if after you have read That All Shall Be Saved, you wish to explore the greater hope further, I commend to you my recommended list of books and articles: Readings in Universalism.

Have fun!

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2 Responses to Preparing to Read ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

  1. Zomg when is this book going to see wide release? I preorded a copy ages back. Can’t wait for it to be arrivé


  2. Rick says:

    Reading it right now. Excellent book. If this is not true, then none of it is.


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