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“When he came in obscurity, it was to be judged; when he comes openly it will be to judge”

“Our God will come openly; our God will come and will not keep silent.” The first coming of Christ the Lord, God’s Son and our God, was in obscurity; the second will be in sight of the whole world. When … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving

I Thank Thee, boundless Giver, That the thoughts Thou givest flow In sounds that like a river All through the darkness go. And though few should swell the pleasure, By sharing this my wine, My heart will clasp its treasure, … Continue reading

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New Covenant and the Restoration of Zion

Ezekiel 16:59-63 The LORD concludes the allegory of Jerusalem with the announcement of a new covenant. Despite his beloved’s infidelities, despite the severity of his judgments, he replights himself to her—definitively, irrevocably, everlastingly. Yea, thus says the LORD GOD: I … Continue reading

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“At the name of Jesus”

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Will All Be Saved?

by Richard John Neuhaus The question of universalism—whether all will, in the end, be saved—is perennially agita­ted in the Christian tradition. A notable proponent of that view was the great Origen, who, in the third century, set forth a theologically … Continue reading

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“Blessed are they in whom Jesus will reign for ever, for they shall reign with him, and of his kingdom there shall be no end”

“The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David.” These are the angel’s words to the Virgin concerning the son he had announced, promising that he should succeed to the kingdom of David. No one questions the … Continue reading

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The Three Sisters and Ezekelian Apokatastasis

Ezekiel 16:44-58 This passage in Ezekiel caught me by surprise, and the surprise intensified when I read Robert Jenson’s commentary. I was not expecting an eschatological turn. Suddenly we find ourselves at what might be called a last judgment. Behold, … Continue reading

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Perfect Being Theology, Theistic Personalism, and the Eclipse of the Apophatic

Readers of this blog will by now be well-acquainated with the term “theistic personalism.” It was coined by Brian Davies to describe what he believes to be a problematic understand­ing of divinity, commonly advanced by analytic philosophers. He specifically names … Continue reading

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