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Germs, Viruses, and the Common Cup: Is Intinction Safer?

Whate’er my God ordains is right: His loving thought attends me; No poison can be in the cup That my Physician sends me. Thus sings an old Lutheran hymn. Surely Episcopalians must agree, yet given the popu­larity of intinction across … Continue reading

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“Flaunt in the devil’s face the water and the Spirit”

We must not expect baptism to free us from the temptations of our persecutor. The body that concealed him made even the Word of God a target for the enemy; his assumption of a visible form made even the invisible … Continue reading

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Apprehending Apokatastasis: Will You Weep for the Damned?

In his third meditation in That All Shall Be Saved, David Hart advances an argument that neatly rhymes with his espousal of St Gregory of Nyssa’s corporate understanding of the Incarnation: we are saved not as solitary individuals but only as … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Unity of Rhetoric and Dialectic in ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

by Jordan Daniel Wood, Ph.D. I I had resolved to avoid, at all costs, making the substance of my reflection on David Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved about its rhetoric. Rhetoric features prominently among the main concerns of the … Continue reading

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“Love opens the eye of the soul to the sight of Jesus”

When love acts in the soul it does so wisely and gently, for it has great power to kill anger and envy, and all the passions of wrath and melancholy, and it brings into the soul the virtues of patience, … Continue reading

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Christ and the Endless Performance of Modernity

By Alexander Earl Modern life is an endless performance. Like the proverbial monkey, we are more than eager to dance, and we hope our dancing will be seen and rewarded. While technology has exacer­bated this vice, it would be a … Continue reading

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Apprehending Apokatastasis: The Vision of St Gregory of Nyssa

The greatest challenge for the preacher of the greater hope is to articulate a vision of Jesus as mediator of apokatastasis. It is insufficient for him or her to occasionally declare: “Oh, by the way, all will be well.” Our … Continue reading

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“There is no one God detests and repudiates more than the person who bears a grudge, whose heart is filled with anger, whose soul is seething with rage”

Christ gave his life for you, and do you hold a grudge against your fellow servant? How then can you approach the table of peace? Your Master did not refuse to undergo every kind of suffering for you, and will … Continue reading

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