Archimandrite Maximos Constas on the Spiritual Life

I enthusiastically commend to you this six-part series on the spiritual life by Fr Maximos (Constans). I read these talks last year and found them very helpful, and then listened to the audio recordings during our Canada train trip this past December.

Part 1: Discoursing on the Passions

Part 2: Distractions of Modern Technological Society

Part 3: Seeking the Depths: The History of the Philokalia

Part 4: The Buried Seed

Part 5: The Jesus Prayer: Knocking at the Door of our own Hearts

Part 6: Taking Custody of our Thoughts

The audio recordings are available from Patristic Nectar Publications.

Fr. Maximos is a Senior Research Scholar at Hellenic College/Holy Cross in Brookline, MA. He is an Athonite monk, one time professor at Harvard Divinity School, accomplished author and translator, and lectures internationally in both academic and parochial venues.

(13 February 2018)

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