Daily Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis

It occurred to me this morning that some might benefit from hearing how my wife and I chant morning prayers (at least when our rule hasn’t fallen to the wayside). This video was taken some four years ago. It is not offered as a model for anyone. (Just listen to my chanting–no one should be imitating that!) This is just a way we have found that works for us. Individ­uals, husbands and wives, families will want to structure their prayers in a way that works for them in their particular circumstances. For morning prayer Christine and I prefer the form provided in the Holy Transfiguration Prayer Book.

Why not exploit this crisis to establish a rule of daily prayer in your life?

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4 Responses to Daily Praying During the Coronavirus Crisis

  1. horizon74 says:

    Thanks Father for this recommendation. And thank you for these infinitely wonderful posts. Jack Heaton


  2. sybrandmac says:

    Father, can you tell us please something about that altar of yours?


  3. jmonroegeltnergmailcom says:

    Thank you for sharing this. One thing we need in our home are some more icons. We have a few and I like them, especially Our Lady of Walsingham, which was made in England by an Orthodox Christian. And we have some “religious art” which I suppose may not technically be icons but which I’m very fond of, including a depiction of the angel over the empty tomb (“Why do you seek the living among the dead?”) and one of of the fishermen (“I will make you fishers of men”). But I feel a need for some more proper, traditional icons in our little corner with the crucifix. Creating that space, however small and humble it is, seems to be essential for this kind of family/home prayer. Do you (or anyone) have any recommendations of good sources of icons? – though it may be a while before such things can be ordered through the mail. I know there are actually two – not one but two! – Romanian Orthodox monasteries near me (southeastern Michigan) where I have never visited but I suppose they might be able to supply icons. Again, though, probably going to be a while before visiting such places is feasible, whereas the need for a better home life of prayer is rather urgent just now. I meant to awhile ago when you recommended it but have only just recently ordered the prayer book you mention here… apparently going to take weeks to arrive.


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