Please pray for the Harts

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  1. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    As some of you might know, David came down with a near-fatal case of black mold syndrome a few years ago. I imagine it has left him particularly vulnerable to respiratory viruses. Please keep the Harts in your prayers.


  2. Maximus says:

    Lord have mercy.


  3. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Does anyone know the first name of David’s wife?


  4. Jack Heaton Jr says:

    Prayers for the Harts~


  5. DBH says:

    Let me add some clarity here. First, many thanks for any and all prayers. Second, a vague report can be more unsettling than a precise account of things; so let me say that we are not in any sense in critical condition. My wife (Solwyn) and I, as well as a neighbor and at least one grad student of our acquaintance, have been dealing with respiratory illness for several weeks now, along with other symptoms that may or may not be attributable to Coronavirus. But we do not have fever or pneumonia. I am the only one of us that has been tested, so in a sense I have been tested for all of us. But the test had to go to North Carolina and results are not back yet (after five days). This is America, after all. On the whole, we seem to be getting through, and, for all I know, a positive result might be better news than a negative, because it might mean that all of us have useful antibodies in our blood now. So, yes, please, continued prayers are very much appreciated, but there is no sign that our situation is dire right now; and we are well past the normal incubation period for the most critical cases.

    God bless everyone.

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    • steverooney88 says:

      Praying for a full and speedy recovery, Dr. Hart! You’re work has changed my spiritual life for the better more than you can know! God be with you.

      “Thou knowest all our weeping, fainting, striving; Thou know’st how very hard it is to be; How hard to rouse faint will not yet reviving; To do the pure thing, trusting all to thee; To hold thou art there, for all no face we see: How hard to think, through cold and dark and dearth, That thou art nearer now than when eye-seen on
      earth.” -George MacDonald


  6. Fr Aidan Kimel says:

    Good news. David and his wife, Solwyn, do not have the coronavirus!


    • DBH says:

      Technically, it cannot be confirmed that we do. Since I was tested very late in the course of the illness, only an antibody test will tell us whether the virus was what originally made us sick, or whether some other very nasty strain of influenza has been attacking us and our neighbors.

      Anyway, many thanks for the prayers. I encourage all of us to keep praying for all those who have contracted it, and for the medical professionals.

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