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Did the Fifth Ecumenical Council Condemn Universal Salvation?

When first presented with the universalist hope, many Orthodox and Roman Catholics imme­diately invoke the authority of the Fifth Ecumenical Council (A.D. 553), citing the famous fifteen anti-Origenist anathemas: “Apokatastasis has been dogmatically defined by the Church as heresy—see canon … Continue reading

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The Vates Christ Jesus and the Struggle to Say Amen

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. I know atheists for whom discussion of God is equivalent to quibbling over whether or not invisible pink rabbits exist. They have been educated into imbecility. While capable of shrewd, instrumental acts of reason, they … Continue reading

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The Ascension of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ

by Protopresbyter George Dion Dragas, PhD, DD, DTh “And while he was blessing them, he departed and started to ascend to heaven.” (Luke 24:51) The Ascension as the pinnacle of the Feasts of the Lord: How bright and wonderful is … Continue reading

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Slowly Reading St Athanasius: You and I are the Cause of the Incarnation of the Word

by John Stamps Perhaps you are wondering for what reason, having proposed to talk about the Incarnation (JS: in-human-ification) of the Word, we are now expounding the origin of human beings. Yet this too is not distinct from the aim … Continue reading

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Where is Everybody? Apokatastasis, Divine Charity and Human Freedom

by Richard Bernier, Ph.D. In the 2016 remake of the classic film The Magnificent Seven, a motley crew led by Sam Chisholm, played by Denzel Washington, is called upon to rid a town of a bullying tyrant. In an exchange … Continue reading

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“The Father is glorified in the Son as in an image and type of his own form, for the beauty of the archetype is seen in its image”

When the Savior declares that he has made known the name of God the Father, it is the same as saying that he has shown the whole world his glory. How did he do this? By making himself known through … Continue reading

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‘That All Shall Be Saved’: A Review of a Review of a Review

It’s not often that one comes across a review of a book review. Sometimes a journal or magazine will give an author the opportunity to respond to a critical review. Sometimes it will publish a second review that offers a … Continue reading

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David B. Hart on “Can Persons Be Saved?”

“What can be stated with considerable certainty, and with quite a good deal of scriptural evidence, is that wherever the narrative of salvation becomes most developed, especially in Paul’s theology, it necessarily expands into an affirmation of the universal and … Continue reading

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