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The Trinity Ain’t a Puzzle–It’s Life!

I don’t usually watch videos or listen to podcasts, but this discussion by two evangelical theologians, Dr Wes Arblaster and Dr Ethan Smith, caught my attention. These two men are knee-deep in the Fathers and have caught the patristic phronema. … Continue reading

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The Christian Distinction: God + World ≠ 2

“God” permeates our conversation. Each year hundreds of books are published about God. I did a search on and found that there are 692,970 works with “God” in the title. There is no escaping the term, even if it … Continue reading

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We have had a lot of new visitors to Eclectic Orthodoxy over the past ten months, largely thanks to the reviews of That All Shall Be Saved. Some of our visitors, however, may have missed my page Readings in Universalism. This … Continue reading

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Slowly Reading St Athanasius: What if God was one of us?

by John Stamps You can’t be too safe or too careful with Safeway Muzak. You never know what songs they’re going to play when you least expect it. I was minding my own business shopping for salsa when “What if … Continue reading

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When Only Bad Arguments Are Possible: A Response to Diem (among others)

by David Bentley Hart In my last posting here, I confessed my bafflement at Edward Feser’s strange assertion that, when discussing the structure of rational freedom in That All Shall Be Saved, I do so in order to deny that … Continue reading

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“If you ask what is to be sought, and what will be found by everyone who seeks for it, I say with all confidence: pearls”

To the seeker after fine pearls may be applied the words, “Seek and you will find,” and, “Everyone who seeks will find.” If you ask what is to be sought, and what will be found by everyone who seeks for … Continue reading

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The Scandalous Prodigality of God’s Love for Sinners!

“It is very odd,” remarks Herbert McCabe, “that people should think that when we do good God will reward us and when we do evil he will punish us” (“Forgiveness,” Faith Within Reason, p. 155). It’s not surprising, of course, … Continue reading

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Herbert McCabe and the Unfathomable Mystery of Divine Forgiveness

Consider the following scenario: We sin and God gets angry. We repent and plead for mercy. God forgives. Crudely put, I admit. Eastern readers will likely protest that the scenario is alien to the Orthodox understanding of God; Protestants and … Continue reading

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