Ambrose Andreano on “Patristic Universalism”

“I want you to see the future. Think of that dreadful judgment day when God gathers all the ‘goats’ together in what must be a most wicked city, tied down to the altar like Isaac: prepared and ready to face that infamous Gehenna we have all read so much about, how will you react? If I brought you a lawn chair, would you sit and eagerly await the death of the wicked? Would you grab the popcorn as you search to find Adolf Hitler in the crowd? Would you weep, perhaps seeing your son or daughter among them, and beg Christ not to do it? Would you be indifferent? Would you be pondering all the reasons why they became this way, and the environmental factors over which they had no control? Would you wonder why Christ would make these people in the first place, knowing this was their ultimate fate? Would you be tempted to ask Christ to explain how it is that the punishment fits the crime? Really think about all the possible variables at play in this scenario.

I ask you readers, because I can see you in this situation, and I can see Christ looking at you in a most curious manner from the corner of His eye, testing you, waiting to see your reaction to what has been decreed. He is waiting to see which theology you have loved in this life and what fruit you have bore up until this very moment.

Supposing you had a choice, what outcome would bring you the most peace?”

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2 Responses to Ambrose Andreano on “Patristic Universalism”

  1. mplekon says:

    Brilliant essay, Bravo Ambrose Andreano, bravo Fr Al!!!

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  2. horizon74 says:

    I do indeed hope for and believe in the immortality of all


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