2020: Half Year Review

I’ve never done a half-year review before, but … heck … why not?

For me personally, my ten-part exposition of David Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved, titled “Apprehending Apokatastasis,” was the most satisfying thing I’ve written so far in 2020. Dadgummit, I think the series is pretty darn good. Three of its articles broke into the top ten most popular list.

The other top ten articles:

1) The Polemics of Perdition

2) The Remarkable Unity of Rhetoric and Dialectic in ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

4) George MacDonald against Hans Urs von Balthasar on Universal Salvation

5) Divine Retribution, Hell, and the Development of Dogma

6) St Maximus the Universalist?

7) Committing Theological Fraud

8) Where is Everybody? Apokatastasis, Divine Charity and Human Freedom

Not surprising, given last Fall’s tsunami that was That All Shall Be Saved, all of the above articles address the theme of universal salvation. It will be interesting to see if this list changes during the rest of the year. Now that apokatastasis has died down as a burning topic, I expect the blog to return to a more balanced range of topics. But will these articles provoke enough views to challenge the leaders? Hell is a great traffic generator!

Special congratulations to Jordan Daniel Wood, whose two articles grabbed 2nd and 4th place.

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4 Responses to 2020: Half Year Review

  1. ebcvictoria says:

    “Now that apokatastasis has died down as a burning topic, I expect the blog to return to a more balanced range of topics.” Fr Kimel, my hope is that this topic will NOT die down, since it is apokatastatsis that brought the Gospel back to life for me, and finally gave me a religion I am not ashamed of proclaiming. I never felt the Word heal me so directly than when I first read Rob Bell and then Thomas Talbott and finally D B Hart. After 40 years in pastoral ministry, I did not even realize what a hunched-back, pathetic cretin my faith had become, what a darkness lay at the core of my horrible message of ‘save yourself with this prayer’. My burden was the impossibility of actually worshipping the god of double predestination. I secretly hated that god. I could fake it by external activity, but that god could never win my heart. It is only when I began to fully grasp the universal passages in scripture, combined with the ‘logic of unconditional love’ that I began to feel the cage being shaken open and genuine joyful thanksgiving toward Christ (the Victor) rise up in my heart of hearts. It took knowing that our Saviour has come for us ALL, for the whole creation, with no one left behind, to set me free from human religion and put the song of hope and joy into my heart of hearts. So thank you for your excellent blog, and for all others who contribute to this treasure. This blog is a font of healing and blessing simply because it put God’s Love front and centre. Thanks again, and may 2020 continue to rattle the cages.

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  2. Tom says:

    Great first half of the year.

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