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The Central Problematic of Sophiology

by Fr. Sergius Bulgakov The following essay by Fr. Sergius Bulgakov is taken from a paper presented in England in 1936.1 The full essay begins with an exposition of sophiology as refracted through various dogmatic arenas: theology; cosmology and anthropology; … Continue reading

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“And so love was present under the old covenant just as it is under the new”

I know, beloved, how well fed you are every day by the exhortations of Holy Scripture, and what nourishment your hearts find in the word of God. Nevertheless, the affection we have for one another compels me to say something to … Continue reading

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“God, Creation, and Evil” by David Bentley Hart

Readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy are well acquainted with David Hart’s 2015 Notre Dame lecture. I have read the written version of the lecture on multiple occasions, but have only listened to it once. It’s a powerful address, both in its … Continue reading

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Justifying Justification by Faith

Let’s assume that integrating justification by faith into a comprehensive understanding of salvation would be a constructive and positive thing for Eastern theology to do. I can think of several reasons why: Justification is an important theme in the New … Continue reading

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Eastern Orthodoxy and the Apostle Paul: Where is Justification by Faith?

Where is justification by faith in Orthodox theology and preaching? Absolutely nowhere at all. It just doesn’t make an appearance. It’s a curious omission, given the importance of justification by faith in the epistles of the Apostle Paul. How does … Continue reading

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“So you, O Christian, because you are a human being, are God’s tribute money”

In today’s gospel we find two questions: one put to Christ by the Pharisees, and the other put by him to them. The Pharisees’ question concerns this world alone, while Christ’s has an entirely heavenly and other-worldly sense. Their question … Continue reading

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God, Synergism, and Human Freedom: It’s More Mysterious Than You Imagine

God is the infinite source and ground of all reality: he therefore transcendently causes every­thing that is and everything that occurs. Such must be the case, for the divine act of creation is not a one time event but the … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the Neoplatonists!

The important Neoplatonist constituency is always overlooked during Presidential campaigns!

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