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“The Virgin Mother, and she alone, is the frontier between created and uncreated nature”

When the Virgin saw the Archangel, she was afraid lest he be a deceitful messenger beguiling unwary women like Eve, and she did not accept his greeting unquestioningly. As she did not yet clearly perceive the bond with God which … Continue reading

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Eternal God: a Little Child

by Fr John Breck Thanksgiving is over and we are moving toward what one of our wise and dedicated priests refers to as “Getmas.” He is as frustrated and dismayed at what exuberant commercialism and American popular religion have done … Continue reading

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Reblog: Jonathan McIntosh on the Redemption of Faërie

In his famous essay “On Fairy-Stories,” J.R.R. Tolkien defines fairy stories as being not about fairies so much as they are about the land of Faërie, that is, the “perilous realm” (which may or may not be inhabited by actual … Continue reading

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What is Christmas without Scrooge?

Every Christmas season I watch a version of A Christmas Carol. My all-time favorite is the 1951 Scrooge, starring Alastair Sims, with George C. Scott’s 1984 adaptation a close second. Last week, though, we watched for the first time the … Continue reading

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Veni, veni Emmanuel

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“The forerunner was a man destined to be divinized by God’s grace, whereas the one he preceded was God by nature”

Into the theological plan of his gospel John the evangelist draws John the Baptist; deep calls to deep at the utterance of divine mysteries. We hear the evangelist relating the story of the forerunner, the man whose gift it was … Continue reading

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Universalism’s Convenientia

by Paul J. Griffiths Among the criteria that theologians use to determine what to say next and how to say it – to know how to go on in theology, that is – is appeal to convenientia.1 Fittingness, that is, … Continue reading

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Faith-as-Trust and Faith-as-Authentication

by Semyon Frank Semyon Lyudvigovich Frank was, in the judgment of his biographer Philip Boobbyer, “arguably Russia’s greatest twentieth-century philosopher.” Born in 1877 in Moscow and raised in Judaism, Frank became a revolutionary atheist as a teenager, before reflection led … Continue reading

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