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The River of Fire

by Alexandre Kalomiros As presented at the 1980 Orthodox Conference sponsored by St. Nectarios American Orthodox Church, Seattle, Washington. A hard copy of this address may be purchased from Saint Nectarios Press. A reply to the questions: (1) Is God … Continue reading

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“The Kingdom and Gehenna are matters belonging to mercy, which were conceived of in their essence by God as a result of His eternal goodness”

Just because the terms wrath, anger, hatred, and the rest are used of the Creator, we should not imagine that He actually does anything in anger or hatred or zeal. Many figurative terms are em­ployed in the Scriptures of God, … Continue reading

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When Hell Becomes Dogma: Freedom for Perdition

My working principle: once eternal damnation is accepted by an ecclesial community as dogmatically binding, three things happen: Holy Scripture and the patristic tradition will be read through the dogma. Preaching and theological speculation will be governed by the dogma, … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy & Universal Salvation: Are the Two Compatible?

Originally posted on Shameless Orthodoxy:
Origen of Alexandria, 12th cent (left); St. Gregory of Nyssa, 11th cent (center); John Scottus Eriugena 12th cent (right) For about the past year or so now, some corners of the Orthodox blogosphere has been…

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David Bentley Hart and the Moral Argument Against Hell

This article has been revised, expanded and republished under the title “God’s Eschatological Salvific Will” by Tom Belt I’ll get right to the point. I’m shocked that reviews of David Bentley Hart’s recent That All Shall Be Saved which reject his … Continue reading

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“Yet no matter how many wounds our human nature has sustained, we are never justified in giving ourselves over to despair”

In today’s Gospel, beloved, we heard the exhortation to repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Now the kingdom of heaven is Christ, who, as we know, is the judge of good and evil and scrutinizes the motives … Continue reading

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If God is going to deify everyone anyway, why not deify everyone immediately?

by David Bentley Hart Frankly, Al, I find the question very strange. In part, because its premise is an absolute banality: that life is a kind of contest, played within the arbitrary constraints of the clock, at the end of … Continue reading

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Fr Andrew Louth on “The Necessity of Platonism for Christian Theology”

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