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If God is going to deify everyone anyway, why not deify everyone immediately?

by David Bentley Hart Frankly, Al, I find the question very strange. In part, because its premise is an absolute banality: that life is a kind of contest, played within the arbitrary constraints of the clock, at the end of … Continue reading

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Fr Andrew Louth on “The Necessity of Platonism for Christian Theology”

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“Andrew was the first to restrain the tongue of Moses, for he would not allow it to speak after Christ had come”

Spurred on by the testimony of John the Baptist, the glorious apostle Andrew left his teacher and ran to the one pointed out by him. John’s words were his signal, and, moving more swiftly than John could speak, he approached … Continue reading

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2020 and Eclectic Orthodoxy

Between the pandemic, presidential election, and the Capitol insurrection, who cares how well Eclectic Orthodoxy did during 2020? Life is so much more compelling than an obscure theological blog. On the other hand, who am I to break with an … Continue reading

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A Glimpse into the Enigma that is Fr Aidan Kimel

In August 2014 Alvin Rapien interviewed me for his blog “The Poor in Spirit.” I had completely forgotten about it when I stumbled upon it this afternoon while doing a Google search for something completely different. (Google’s search logic often … Continue reading

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“By my baptism the waters will be sanctified, receiving from me fire and the Holy Spirit”

Today the source of all the graces of baptism comes himself to be baptized in the river Jordan, there to make himself known to the world. Seeing him approach, John stretches out his hand to hold him back, protesting: Lord, … Continue reading

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“Thus Jesus was baptized, that thereby we again by our participation might receive both salvation and honor”

Jesus sanctified Baptism by being Himself baptized. If the Son of God was baptized, what godly man is he that despises Baptism? But He was baptized not that He might receive remission of sins, for He was sinless; but being … Continue reading

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When Hell Becomes Dogma: The Closing of the Catholic Mind

My working principle: once eternal damnation is accepted by an ecclesial community as dogmatically binding, three things happen: Holy Scripture and the patristic tradition will be read through the dogma. Preaching and theological speculation will be governed by this dogma, … Continue reading

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