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When Hell Becomes Dogma: Damning to Nothingness

My working principle: once eternal damnation is accepted by an ecclesial community as dogmatically binding, three things happen: Holy Scripture and the patristic tradition will be read through the dogma. Preaching and theological speculation will be governed by the dogma, … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Origenist Resurrection Bodies Finally Solved!

For centuries historians have been wondered what the sixth-century Origenists really meant when they taught that at the general resurrection human beings will be given spherical bodies. It’s really quite baffling. A spherical body? What the frack! Who wants a … Continue reading

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“If we pray with a faith springing from love, God’s will need be in no doubt”

However great our sinfulness, each one of us can be healed by God every day. We have only to worship him with humility and love, and wherever we are to say with faith: “Lord, if you want to you can … Continue reading

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Evil as Privation and Accident: Aquinas, Tolkien, Hart

In this decade-old blog article, Jonathan McIntosh reflects on the relationship between the Good and evil. He brings into the conversation Neoplatonism, St Thomas Aquinas, J.R.R. Tolkien, and David Bentley Hart. A related contrast is one that has been drawn … Continue reading

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A Lion and a Lamb Walk Into a Bar

In his article “All Will Be Well,” Denys Turner addresses a topic much discussed in the comboxes of Eclectic Orthodoxy—the problem of evil. Readers will find the first step of his “solution” especially provocative, as he basically removes what many—including … Continue reading

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“Where the Lord of life has entered, there is no room for death”

Those who have listened attentively to today’s gospel will have learnt why the Lord of heaven, by whom all creation was renewed, entered the houses of his servants on earth. Nor should it surprise us that he so courteously adapted … Continue reading

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The Universality of Atonement

Back in the late 1980s my family and I were given use of a cabin on Cold Stream Pond in Maine. I took the opportunity to visit George Hunsinger, who was then teaching at Bangor Theological Seminary. Hunsinger was already … Continue reading

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The Deep Patristic Roots of Hart’s Universalism: A Response to Fr Lawrence Farley

by Mark Chenoweth Many of the critics of David Bentley Hart’s presentation of universalism in his That All Shall Be Saved argue that he doesn’t give nearly enough weight to church tradition. I agree. However, these critics, the latest one … Continue reading

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