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Orthodox First Sunday of Lent

St Cyril of Alexandria’s Commentary on John 1:43-51 43 The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee; and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, “Follow Me.” Likeminded with those preceding was Philip, and very ready to follow Christ. For … Continue reading

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“Christ is a human being like ourselves, and this has made us one body with him, the body being the bond that unites us”

As the firstfruits of our renewed humanity, Christ escaped the curse of the law precisely by becoming accursed for our sake. He overcame the forces of corruption by himself becoming once more “free among the dead.” He trampled death under … Continue reading

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I just learned that Dr Zach Manis, whose book Sinners in the Presence of a Loving God I reviewed two years ago, has lost his tenured position at Southwest Baptist Uni­ver­sity, due in part (some speculate) to his controversial views … Continue reading

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Sunday of Orthodoxy

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Seeing Angels

by Christine Kimel I was once given the grace to see angels. It was at a weekday Eucharist in the late 90s at the Church of the Holy Communion in Charleston, South Carolina. I do not recall what feast day … Continue reading

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The Hound’s Hart: A Review of ‘Roland in Moonlight’ 

by David Armstrong Roland in Moonlight is an apocalypse; at least, as someone who spent so much time in his grad­­uate career thinking, reading, and writing about apocalypses, it is easily identifiable to me as such. The dominant criteria for … Continue reading

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“By this one phrase, ‘I have sinned,’ Adam would have redeemed all the multitude of years which he spent in hell”

In the beginning God created man as the king of everything earthly, and not only of every­thing earthly, but of everything under the vault of heaven; for the sun also and the moon and the stars were created for man. … Continue reading

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Ellipsis–to space or not to space?

I have been blogging a long time now, probably close to seventeen years. One problem continues to plague me: how best to punctuate an ellipsis. Back in high school and college I was taught that an ellipsis consisted of three … Continue reading

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