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Divine Simplicity as Negative Theology

“From first to last,” writes philosopher Brian Davies, “the doctrine of divine simplicity is a piece of negative or apophatic theology and not a purported description of God” (“Classical Theism and the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity,” in Language, Meaning and … Continue reading

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“Since you bound Hell, slew Death and raised the world, with palms the infants praised You, O Christ, as victor, crying out to You today, ‘Hosanna to the Son of David'”

Proemium 1 Mounted on the throne in heaven, Christ God, and on the colt on earth, You accepted the praise of the angels and the hymn of the children who cried to You, ‘Blessed are You Who come to call … Continue reading

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“A despotic voice, A royal shout, A powerful command”

by Metropolitan Seraphim of Kastoria Referring to the miraculous event of the resurrection of the close friend of Christ, Saint Lazarus of the Four Days, Saint Andrew the Bishop of Crete says in a homily: “The righteous Lazarus prepares a … Continue reading

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David Burrell on Faith, Reason, and Culture

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Sola Scriptura, Holy Tradition, and the Hermeneutics of Christ

by Robert F. Fortuin It is not uncommon to hear Eastern Orthodox Christians assert that ‘holy tradition is the context of scripture’—by this is meant that the Bible cannot be separated from the practice and theology of the community of … Continue reading

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“Mary He healed, Her darkened soul, He whitened as snow”

Penitent wonderful, self-tormentor, Mary hid herself from the face of men. Oh yes, sinful me, By passion, darkened. Passions are beasts which eat at our heart, In us as serpents, secretly they weave a nest. Oh yes, sinful me, By … Continue reading

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The Pope’s New Beard

Pope Francis confirmed today that God has removed the final obstacle to Catholic-Orthodox reunion. “I woke up this morning,” he explained to reporters, “looked in the mirror and, lo and behold, there I was looking back at myself with a … Continue reading

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Creation, Theodicy, and the Problem of Evil

by Robert F. Fortuin This essay sets forth the claim that the absolute freedom of God’s act of creation informs the nature and meaning of evil. Because God created the universe without prior constraint or necessity, His moral nature and … Continue reading

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