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DBH’s Three Arguments for Universal Salvation

Does the speaker, Caleb Smith, accurately represent David Hart’s arguments for universal salvation? I ask because I haven’t watched the video yet. I’m relying on you guys to tell me whether I need to. You know how much I dislike … Continue reading

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“A unity worshipped in Trinity and a Trinity summed up into unity”

Yes, let no one be lost, but let us all abide in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel, being in full accord and of one mind armed with the shield of … Continue reading

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“Blessed are you, woman, who brought forth by your mouth light for those in darkness”

Blessed are you, O woman, drawer of ordinary water, who turned out to be a drawer of living water. You found the treasure, the Source from whom a flood of mercies flows. The spring had dried up, but it broke … Continue reading

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Fedora Transcendence

For the past year and a half, I have developed a passion for the fedora. It’s not that I have never worn hats. I purchased my first wool fedora decades ago at Hats in the Belfrey in Old Town Alexandria, … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas and the Contuition of Divinity

I begin with confession: I do not know if the five ways of St Thomas Aquinas succeed as proofs for the existence of God. I lack the competence to offer an opinion. But even philoso­phers who do have the necessary … Continue reading

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Can Reason Prove the Existence of God?

Back in 1974, after five or six years of atheism, I began to believe in the existence of God. I couldn’t have been more surprised. I thought my atheism was rock solid. So what effected the change? A philosophical argument. … Continue reading

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“Arise! He who commands it is the Resurrection”

Wherever Jesus appears, there is salvation. If He sees a revenue officer sitting in his office, He makes him an apostle and evangelist. Laid in the grave, He raises the dead to life. He bestows sight on the blind, hearing … Continue reading

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Robert Falconer and Repentance in Hell

Once more Falconer retired, but not to take his violin. He could play no more. Hope and love were swelling within him. He could not rest. Was it a sign from heaven that the hour for speech had arrived? He … Continue reading

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