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“For when everything had been reduced to a condition of spiritual death, the Lord gave us life through himself, who is bread”

“Our ancestors ate manna in the desert; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’” Wishing to persuade Christ to perform the kind of miracle that would provide them with bodily nourishment, the people in their … Continue reading

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The Scandalous Injustice of Grace: St Isaac the Syrian and Pope John Paul II

Back in 2008, “60 Minutes” interviewed the Boston button man John Martorano. The inter­view is unsettling. In a quiet, detached, matter-of-fact tone, Martorano describes the twenty confessed murders he committed during his years as an enforcer for the Winter Hill … Continue reading

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“We have been deemed worthy to have as our prophet the Word of God himself”

The miracles wrought by our Lord Jesus Christ are truly divine works, which lead the human mind through visible things to a perception of the Godhead. God is not the kind of being that can be seen with the eyes, and … Continue reading

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Jesus in Hell

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The Byzantine Liturgy and the Grammar of Salvation

by Fr Khaled Anatolios The association in this commemoration of St. Gregory Palamas between the overcoming of the passions and the indwelling of the divine Trinity brings to light the dogmatic matrix that governs and permeates the Byzantine liturgy’s conception … Continue reading

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“If only in our time such a concourse of faithful listeners would again press round the ministers of the word, not allowing them time to attend to their physical needs!”

“The apostles returned to Jesus and reported to him everything they had done and taught.” As well as reporting to him what they themselves had done and taught, they told him what had befallen John the Baptist while they were … Continue reading

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A fascinating interview with DBH

“I think, there’s been such a mythologization of the consensus patrum, the notion that there’s a sort of a Patristic system. And the fathers have been merged into a kind of system, and an infallible system every bit as dogmatically … Continue reading

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Preaching the Astonishing Love of God with St Isaac the Syrian

Who among the Eastern Fathers has written more eloquently, more profoundly about the astonishing love of God Almighty than St Isaac the Syrian? “In Isaac’s understanding,” states Met Hilarion Alfeyev, “God is above all immeasurable love. The conviction that God … Continue reading

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